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About / Other Projects

Beyond Photography: Powerful Storytelling

My name is Steve DiMasi, and my company is DiMasi Digital Design.

I am a photographer; a videographer, editor and producer; a visual and narrative creative director, and most of all, my passion is storytelling.

Photography is but one of the tools DiMasi Digital Design applies to crafting a tailored approach to telling your unique story to your audience. Full video production is another, from scripting, shooting and directing, to the final editing. Coordinated web design, artful brochures, captivating writing, presentation and training material design—and more—provide for a broad range of vehicles for spreading coherent messages with a unified “voice”. 

Educating and building understanding with a marketing partner about the unique aspects of your business takes time and effort. Having a relationship with a reliable ally, using a combination of marketing methods, maximizes that investment and builds brand recognition.

Portions of my work involve Medtronic, Novartis, and Vision Sciences medical devices. These projects range from creating Powerpoint, DVD and web presentations for teaching physicians specific procedures and techniques, to patient-focused video displaying dramatic before-and-after transformations of patients who have received treatment.

Other projects include dynamic video segments and web design for Land O’Lakes employee health and benefits programs. Due to confidentiality concerns and proprietary information, I am not able to publicly display this work. However, I would be happy to show samples of that work privately.

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